Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TurnTool will be turning heads!

Business is growing swiftly across the board and not only in numbers, but in distance too. People are collaborating all over the world on a multitude of projects. VizualJourney alone has visitors ranging from Singapore and Jakarta to Hoofddorp in the Netherlands and Beamsville, Canada. Until the recent mass adoption of broadband, it has been fairly hard to communicate 3D work over the internet. But since, many new avenues have been opened for new and innovative tools.

TurnTool is a great service that takes advantage of this growing global community and allows 3D artists to present their information online in an interactive format. A 3D object can be created in a somewhat similar fashion as a Quick Time VR, and the end user can easily navigate the artist’s work. The end user does have to take a couple minutes to install a quick plugin for their browser but this is trivial when considering the communication benefits (see an example here). However, I have noticed that the applet does crash every once in a while, but it is developing in the right direction. A limited edition version would be a good idea to from TurnTool as well because most of us aren’t ready for the $239 startup fee and $798 every 6 months. If it’s a plug-in for our favorite existing programs, what’s the deal with paying a subscription? However, the water-marked free version is a good start.


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What do you use to create your models and render with?



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