Thursday, February 23, 2006

CG Society - where the creative experts hide

Starting out on your own you find that the world of 3d is unlike any other industry. For the most part, other industries have experts that share information to interested companies via conference or company training sessions. An observation I have made in the realm of 3d is that the best information from the industry pros falls in-between the cracks and isn't as visible as one might hope. I wanted to share a couple of places I have found that really help to discover what the best people in the industry are doing and how they practice. I’ve found researching what the pros are doing helps to drive direction and desire in your own goals.

True, there are helpful 3d conferences that occur often (Siggraph, Gnomon Workshop events, & CG Overdrive to name a few), however the cutting edge of the fast paced 3D industry finds itself imbedded online in discussion forums & 3d community sites. I have a lot of these places in my stock pile that I'm excited about sharing in the future but for today I'd like to share CG talks meet the artist bulletin board. It's a great place to interact with industry pros in real time and have them answer your specific questions. Great artists from mostly the creative side of 3d interact and share great stories and information about their experiences.

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i'm a bigginer with max andnew member of cgarchitect forum... i came to ur max site n found ur job really great..good luck

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